Group Exhibitions

  • 2017  “555 Show”, Galerie Youn, Montreal, QC 

  • 2017  “From/were/are”, Works from the Collection, Art Gallery of Peterborough 

  • 2016  “Fete”, Galerie Youn, Montreal QC 

  • 2016  “Perspective”, Newzones Gallery, Calgary 

  • 2016  Galerie Youn, Montreal QC 

  • 2015  Art Miami, curated show with Galerie Youn, Montreal, Miami, Florida 

  • 2015  “Perception”, Newzones Contemporary Gallery, Calgary 

  • 2014  " Mohawk College Permanent Collection: A Selected Overview", McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton

  • 2013 "Perception 2". Newzones Gallery, Calgary  

    "Postcard", Trans-Siberian Railway, curated group show, Russia to China, Shanghai, Beijing

  • 2012 GZ-ArtBasel, curated international group show, Basel, Switzerland  

    "Perception," Newzones Gallery, Calgary.

  • 2011 "Global Art Projects: International Artists at Home and Abroad", Curated by Abraham Lubelski. Broadway Gallery, NYU 

    "Then and Now," Station Gallery, Whitby.  

    "Open Studio", Red Gate Gallery International artist residency exhibition, Beijing, China

  • 2010 Art Bejing, China  

    "Flow: Proof of Concept," Virtual Gallery, Yuanfen New Media Space, Beijing, China   

    "Open Studio", Red Gate Gallery International artist residency exhibition, Beijing, China  

    Daimler-OCAD Art Partnership Exhibition, Mississauga, Ontario

  • 2009  "Redux Art 401," Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ontario  

    Daimler-OCAD Art Partnership Exhibition, Mississauga, Ontario  

    "The Painted Photograph", Nanaimo District Museum, British Columbia  

    "Place", Newzones Gallery, Calgary

  • 2008  "Heartquake", Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel  

    The Painted Photograph", Centre national d'exposition de Jonquière, Québec 

    "The Painted Photograph", Nanaimo Museum, Nanaimo, B.C.  

    "Next", The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago

    2007 Triangle Dumbo Arts Festival Exhibition 25, Brooklyn, New York  

  • 2006 "The Painted Photograph: David Bierk, Sarah Nind, Jaclyn Shoub",

    Canadian Museum of Contemporary   Photography, Ottawa   

    2 "Sunscreen", Newzones Gallery, Calgary

  • 2005  The PowerPlant Contemporary Art Gallery,

    "Cold City Years, Voicing Toronto: Sliding Tense", University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto

  • 2004 Open Studio, Triangle Artists Workshop, New York City

  • 2003 "Alumni Exhibition", Department of Morbihans Chateau, Rochefort-en-Terre, France 

  • 2002 "Threshold", Great Canadian Printmaking Competition Award Recipients, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto  

    "New Gallery Artists", Newzones Gallery, Calgary  

    "Unity Canvas", Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York  

    Rochefort-en-Terre Residency Exhibition, Pinkard Gallery, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland  

    "Anniversay Show", a_level Gallery, Toronto  

    "times 2", Contact exhibition, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto  

    "Lingham Yoni Mo Chro Ma", a_level Gallery, Toronto

  • 2000  Chateau Gallery, Rochefort en Terre, Brittany, France  

    "Intersections Montréal - Toronto", Montreal, Toronto  

    "Contact", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto

  • 1999 XXYYZ 20th Anniversay Exhibition, Toronto  

    Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago  

    "Taken From Nature", 383 Gallery, Peterborough, Ontario

  • 1999  ARTBOX, Nadar Management Centre, Toronto

  • 1999  "Informal Ideas: 99.2 Painting", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto  

    "Informal Ideas: 99.1", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto

  • 1998 "The Selective Eye", Anne Reed Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho  

    "25", 469 King St. W. Gallery, Toronto  Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago  

    "Layers", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto

  • 1997  "Bookworks II", Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto  

    "First Photo", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto  

    ARCO International Arts Exhibition, Madrid, Spain

  • 1996 "Face", York Quay Gallery, Toronto, travelling exhibition  

    "Face", Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, Quebec  

    "Face", Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario  

    "Ten", Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto

  • 1995 "To Walk with Nature..", Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough  

    @ 179 John St, Toronto, curated by Paul Petro  

    "Le Fin", from Sept Histoires, Linda Genereux Gallery, Toronto

  • 1994  "An Emerging Presence", University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo  

    "The Good Wood Show", Open Studio Gallery, Toronto

  • 1993 "Earthscape", Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario  

    O.C.A. Faculty Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto   

    "Artist in Residence Exhibition", Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto

  • 1992 I.G.A. Gallery, York University, North York  

    Red Head Gallery, Toronto  

    "Art Fair", Cold City Gallery, Toronto  

    Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto

  • 1991  Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto  

    "Art Fair", Cold City Gallery, Toronto

  • 1990  Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto 

     "Housing--A Right", The Power Plant, Toronto  

    "Art Fair", Cold City Gallery, Toronto

  • 1989 Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto  

    "Art Fair", Cold City Gallery, Toronto

  • 1988 "Interaction: Recent Works on Paper from the Open Studio", National Gallery   of Soviet Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia  

    "Tandem/Atelier", La Troisieme Gallerie, Quebec City   

    Fulcrum North Collection, Peterborough  

    Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto

  • 1987 "17th International Bienniale of Graphic Art", Ljubljana, Yugoslavia  

    "10th Edizione Premio Internationale Biella per l'Incisione", Torino, Italy  

    "Colour and the Brush", Sarnia Art Gallery, Sarnia  

    "Recent Acquisitions and Gifts", Station Gallery, Whitby  

    "Artist Exhibitions in the Schools Project Exhibition", Erindale College, Toronto  

    "Summer--Works on Paper", Costin & Klintworth Gallery, Toronto  

    "Annual Juried Exhibition, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto

  • 1986 "Print Show

  • 1986", Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.  

    "Mixed Media Works", Open Studio Gallery, Toronto

  • 1985 "16th International Bienniale of Graphic Art", Ljubljana, Yugoslavia  

    "International Day Art Exhibition", Galleria Liget, Budapest, Hungary  

    "International Works on Paper", London Art Gallery, London  

    "Recent Acquisitions for the Permanent Collection", Memorial University Art  Gallery, St. John's, Newfoundland  

    "The New Wave", Artscape, Peterborough  

    "Paperworks 1985", Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto  

    "Action: Impression", Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto, travelling exhibition  

    "Art Fantasy Exhibition", Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough

  • 1984  "Art off the Press", Stratford Festival Theatre, Stratford  

    "Art Fantasy Exhibition", Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough  

    Studio 620, Toronto  Lacemaker's Gallery, Toronto